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Transparent Solutions

Instead of black-box algorithms or push-button “insights,” we rely on a collaborative process, during which we share with you how we approach our analysis, why we control for the factors we do, what we are finding, and how we arrive at our key takeaways and recommendations. We partner closely with your teams to ensure we have placed our interpretations in the proper context and tailor recommendations to your unique situation.

Internal Labor Market (ILM) Analysis®

Diagnose your internal workforce dynamics—how employees flow into, through, and out of your organization—and identify the root-cause drivers of key outcomes to drive action planning


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Tools linked to ILM Analysis

Business Impact Modeling (BIM)

Link your talent management practices to hard financial and productivity metrics such as revenue, sales achievement, and customer satisfaction.


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Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Analytics

Use our ILM Analysis® to drill further into how talent flows and root-cause drivers differ across employee groups to support targeted strategies and solutions


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Pay Equity Analysis

Assess the current state of pay equity, by gender and race/ethnicity, across your entire organization, and proactively identify adjustment opportunities


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Strategic Workforce Planning

Plan for your organization’s future by assessing your current labor supply against anticipated future demand to identify any critical gaps that need to be proactively addressed


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External Labor Market (ELM) Analysis

Look beyond your internal workforce to quantify talent availability and understand external labor trends in the areas in which you currently, or plan to, operate

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

Understand the ways in which employees connect with one another inside your organization, the impact of such connections, and critical team dynamics which may otherwise be hidden

Employee Surveys and Conjoint Analysis

Compare what employees SAY they value against what they actually DO to provide a more complete picture of how rewards and benefits programs should be structured to drive desired outcomes

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