How do we start planning for the future workforce?    

Our industry is evolving so quickly that the workforce we need in five years will look nothing like the workforce we have today. How can we anticipate these changes and start planning for our future?



How can we assess and achieve pay equity in our company?

Increasing regulations around the world are dialing up the pressure to proactively assess and report on pay equity. How can we effectively respond to these demands and ensure fairness in our rewards?

How can we build a diverse and inclusive workforce?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a business imperative, but we are experiencing difficulty with attracting and retaining diverse talent. How can I develop a data-driven action plan to accelerate progress?

What is the unique value proposition we deliver?

We do not have a clearly articulated EVP, which makes it difficult to communicate our unique differentiators when attracting and retaining talent. How do we establish a clear and effective proposition?



How can we link human capital practices to business impact?

There is the impression in my organization that human capital practices have no impact on the bottom line, but we know they do. How can I quantify and measure the direct impact of HR practices on business results?

How can we fix our turnover issue and retain top talent?

We want to reduce unwanted turnover, but are unsure as to which levers to pull. Before spending limited resources on interventions that may not work, how can we assess what actually drives retention?

Where is the talent needed to achieve our priorities?

We are beginning to explore new work locations, but are unsure as to what talent is available in these markets. How can we assess whether these locations have the right talent we are looking for?

How can we optimize our total rewards offering?

We offer a competitive total rewards package, but our employees say they are not satisfied with the offerings. How can we better understand what our employees truly value and identify any misalignment?



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