Measuring the workforce & business impact of people management practices

Who We Are & What We Do

Our Workforce Strategy & Analytics (WSA) team was first established in 1994 as a R&D unit, focused on developing methods to measure the workforce and business impact of people practices. We combine insights from analytics to drive workforce strategies and optimize human capital investments.

Our ILM Methodology

Many of our solutions revolve around the fundamental concept of Internal Labor Markets (ILMs). At a basic level, an ILM is a description of a firm’s workforce – who gets hired, who performs well, who advances, and who stays. ILM Analysis provides critical insights into these critical workforce dynamics, establishing the causal links between HR policies/programs and employee behaviors. All our solutions have roots in the ILM Analysis methodology.


The Workforce Sciences Institute

In 2011, Mercer established the Workforce Sciences Institute,which is an offshoot of the original WSA team.


The Institute’s primary objectives are to focus research efforts on the continued advancement and application of the “new science”of human capital management, from developing advanced analytic methods and constructs to measuring the economic impact of workforce management practices.


WSA and the Workforce Sciences Institute operate as a cohesive unit,collaborating on client engagements and original research.

Our Team

We are a mix of labor economists, industrial-organizational psychologists, statisticians, and data scientists with over 200 years of combined experience consulting to organizations on their most complex human capital issues. We share a passion for translating insights into action and strive to bring a disciplined, research-based approach to inform change. 

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