Workforce Analytics

Workforce Strategy & Analytics
The science of workforce advantage

Your workforce is your advantage. The most successful companies in the world draw clear and measurable links between their workforce investments and business results. Mercer works with these companies to optimize the workforce and create lasting competitive advantage.

Why Mercer?

For more than 20 years, Mercer has been at the forefront of workforce strategy. Our data-driven approach identifies the unique employee attributes and behaviors each of our clients require to achieve their growth objectives as well as the supporting HR strategies to evolve their workforces.


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Tackling Your Biggest Challenges

HR leaders face significant challenges to ensure the workforce is competitive, innovative, and productive. Among those challenges are strengthening retention, improving diversity, achieving pay equity and planning to build or acquire new skills sets. Mercer can help.


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Transparency Drives Actions and Results

Our evidence-based consulting services are designed to help organizations bring order to their workforce data and establish measurable links between workforce investments and results. We’ll help you see the opportunity ahead and partner with you to craft and implement solutions that will realize the ROI.  


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